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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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squid boat. squid boat! crowd nats of spraying/screamin &pgstudents pepper sprayee... a news truck.... flipped over... the other chaos that unraveled at peen state overnight.. in reaction to head cooch joe paterno being fired. (26:24) "its a tough time for a lot of people and every liitle bit helps." helps." saving hundreds of dollars on auto insurance. the program that ill reduce your rates.. but what you give up in eturn. and... you're looking liiv at the inner harbor.. can you see on the roads this morning. where the fog will make your commute even trickier.. and
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when it will let up. 3 33 &ptoday is thursday,, november 10th. 3
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fiber old court map 3 3 a fox 45 investigation on knives in city schools... has resulted in some new developments this morning.... including the discovery of illegal knives being sold at a city-owned market.megan gilliland is live from hollins market with more on the changes now ttking place. most people come to hollins market... for the food. and up until recently... they came
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&pto this city market to buy something illegal. illegal.take a look at the dangerous knives we found being sold here .... some disguised as comms.others far mooe obvious.... like a illegal switch blade.and, watch this.... our cameras caught two teens.... actually reaching over and stealing items from the case. eventually the teens are spotted and chased off.we have learned... the knives were being sold illegally withoot the ity's knowledge... despite the fact that hollins market is a city owned property. as a result of our investigation... the mayor ordered the vendor to remove the knives. 51:41 the items aree p49 in our community 3 late last nnghtt we did receive word that the city is now considering whether to terminate its lease with the vendor in quession. and hollinas market could be prosecuted.megan gilliland, fox45 orning news.
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a baltimore county man will spend the rrst of his life behind bars for murder. murder.bradericc green was sentenced to two life terms.2 years ago, greennfatally shot brian meese, who was a customer in a convience store. he then shot the owner of thh "your" convvnience store in catonsville.police say, days later he even fired at them at a traffic stop.we spoke to the store owwer the day green was convicted. the bullet go from here behind my ear.. to gooinside and coming back outside.."//butt to//"if somebody do the wrong thing, it must be punished..." punished..."green faces eeen more time for shooting at officers. the search is still on this morning, for the escaped inmate that caased i- 3 to be shutdown for awhile.i-83 nearr the overpass at 28th street was shutdown, as police tried to arrest maury figueroa.he escaaed from central bboking he was being held on several pharges ... including immigration and drug osession.
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anyone with information on where he is... is asked to call police. we want to hear about how you're fighting back against crime.tell us what you're doing our hotline...410-662-1456. in southwest baltimore... a man they say opened fire on a car, while riding a hhppened around 8 o clock at edmonsoo and athol avenue.the suspecttwas wearing a gray hoodie and riding a pink bicycle, when he fired shots at this car. the driver of that vehhcle who was fired upon is fine there were no injuuiee pustained by that person and right now the investigation is focused on the assailant and bringing thht individuul to justice police believe there are a lot of witnesses to the shooting and if you were in detectives nned your help. 3 3 first onnfox... a hhward county 9-11 dispatcher is a
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instinct... and ultimately saving a life. " howard co 911 ...(silence)" howard county 9-1-1 dispatcher andrew cummins answered this call but only heard the sounds of traffic. sensing something was wrong... he zeroed in on cell phone towers found the reverand raymond - price... having a massive heart attack... nnw cummins is being hailed a hero.... for saving the pastors life. 3 (closeeon face)"itt good to be able to help somebody" (cummings)"i dont consider myself a hero but helling sommone is the best thing could do..." do..." tte victim was treated for several days at is now back home in north ut - attack.a recovering from thee - brace yourself...gas prices gallon in a matter of months. months.that's according to one groop who ssys we'll see ttose prices by easter.
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easter.crude oil is currently at 95 dollars aabarrel... a demand is traditionally low. triple a says because of global spring 100 dollars a barrel. ve - 3 come sprinn when oil demmnd incrrases gas prices start to rise people are on the roads more the weather is warmer it would not be surprising to see prices well over 4 dollars a ga. gallon... to make matters worse... maryland awmakers are proposing a 15 cent gas tax increase over a three year periodd..which could make fuel prices in maryland among the highest in the country. &p joe ppterno and graham spanier are out.penn state's board of trustees fired the university's head football coach and president -- in the wake of a sex abuse scandal involving a formerrassistant coach.and as greg blaak reports... fans got a littlee put of control. 3 joe paterno and graham spanier are joe paterno and graham
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spanier are out.penn state's board of trrstees fired the university's head football wake of a sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach.and as grrg black follows --police used pepper &pspray on some penn state fan wwo took to the streets of state college after learningg pegendary coach joe paterno has been fired.the pplice response happened after the crowd tore down lamp posts and tippeddover a news vvn. earlier, the fans expresssd their support for ppterno."we pant joe! we want joe!""we are penn state! we areepenn state!" "they're going after the wrong ggy...nothing's been provee wrong. joe if anyone, joe is legally cleared. so if anyone did right it's joe."just absolute stunned. i don't understand how thee can do this to penn state in general. joepa's een here so long..e's retiring this season -- let that simple. everyone here ii for a late night news conference, pennnstate's board of trustees announced it was firiig aterno and university preeident graham spanier. "these decisions were made
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pfter careful deliberations &pand in thh best interests of former assistant coach jerry sannusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys from 19-94 to 2009.some say the college leadership should have done more after paterno learned offan alleged incident in 2002.earlier, man told cnn sandusky inaapropriaaelyy 12 yeers old.his contact with d- me was usually limited to hand on a thigh oo a car ride. i with jerry, foooball games, - standing on the sidelines for football games, family never eered into anything overtlyysexual but certainly enough to make me uncomfortable.sandusky is out on 100-thousand-dollar bbil. p'm greg black reporting. the board has appointed rod erickson... the school's
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executive vice president and provoss... as interim ppesident.and ii appointed bradley as interim head coach. paterno has issued a statement... saying he's disappointed with the board's decision... but has accepted it. at least 7 people are peaa... following last night's 5-poinn-7 magnituue earthquakee in turkey.the quake caused twoo hotels to collapse... trappinn more than 1hundred eople under the rubble.this is the &psecond deadly quake the country has experienced... in just two october... morr than 5--undred people point-2 magnitudeequake struuk turkey. a big honor... for the floriia officers who made a daringg rescue... to save a boo's life. life. ii's the video that's been seen around the world.last montt... 6-year-old dominic deroberts waa walking to school... when he wws run over by a car... leaving him trapped underneath.when police arrived to the scene... they along with others... used all their strength to lift the car... pulling the boy to safett.for dominic's father...
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words can't describe howw thankful he is for everyone's help. "i would just like to say that the presence of you guys. me."dominic is still recovering from the emotional according to his father. pdition... diversifying thh video games innustry... innustry...she was &ptrailblazing many paths how this woman is breaking video gaming industry. industry. 3 ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map 175 map old court map
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33 3 &p3 3
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how about waking up áhereá instead?you could be soon flying to the bahamas... for fr.'s our "baltimore to the bahamms" conttst... courtesy of fox45 and vision airlines is now offering non-stop flights from baltimore to the bahamas. our grand prize wiinee will get two airline tickets and a 4-day 3-night stay at the bahamas.stay tuned for your this morning.. we will give you today's codeword.once you see thaa codeword.. go to our facebook page.. and click on "inside fox45""to enter.we'll then draw ur grand prize winner monday november 1st. you can find all tte rules on
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still to come... &pii youudrive a toyott... listen up.find out the problem that's causing them to recall thousands oo vehicless vehicles.there's not a lot of diversity, but first... this woman climbeddthe corporate ladder... jjst to shake it up! how she's bringiig mmre world. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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in a ield dominated by young white men, an african american woman as become a power player in the digital media industry. as soledad o' briee tells us... she's wooking to make video games more diverse. 3 (nats)jacqui beauchamp is he founder, ceo, and chairwoman of the digital media company entertainment. "as an entrepreneur starting a video gaming company and being a woman and african-american, sseewas trailblazing many here in baton rouge, from right- louisiana."born and raised there, she climbed the corporate ladderr.. "there's not a lot of diversity, not just in the executive ranks, in the industry and there are times as an african-aaerican african-american female in the room."then leff that
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"i'm an electrical engineer. t. by degree. so technology hass always been attthh heart and animaaion and multi-media is my passion. as a kid growing up watching fat albert and the cosby kids i'm seeing something that mr. cosby preated and said one day i wanna own a company that knows how to do that that does that." and now she does."the biggest release and launch and shipmmnt of our first consul video game which is the black &pcollege football video game experience. what we constantly kept hearinggand seeing in the industry were nott nough urban character and those that were there were not portrayed in a very positivee positive light. our innent was to
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provide different content into the market segment."up next, a documentary and then... "a dance basse, music based video as wii. it is not just for the aarican-american consumer to only enjoy and experience." jacqui beauchamp concedes it's pn uu hill battle and mbraces itt"i'm an african-american female. and everyday i know that i've gotta get peoppe to see me, to see me and not that i'm an african-american soleddd o'brien, cnn, , - reporting. -----end----- cnn.script----- straight aheed... a former wall street big wig ...convicted of insider trading is headdd to jail... but thatts not all.. the pay.and... toyota is recalling thousands of it's vehiclee. problem, rompting the -
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recall... next. p(break 3)) honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. a former hedge fund maaager gets slapped with
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aaother round oo recalls or toyota... and as lori rothman reports... taly's debt crisissis rocking marketss around the world. world. mama mia... &pthhy're at it again. italy's debt crisis putting more pressure on markets acrosssthe world as the cost for that country to borrow money is soaring. and that ii sparking fears of italy needing some kind of bailoutt meantime... the coalition government in greece still doesn't haae a prime minister. that's throwing more doubt over that country's major bailout deal. all that adding up to a bad ddal and big losses for stocks in america. meantimm gennral motors taking &pa hit from the shaky european economy. he bailed-out quarterly profiis decline... losing money in it's european market. and another rouud of recalls for toyyta. steering issues force the automaker to recall nearly 550-thouuand vehicles
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worldwide. he's going to jail...and now paying a árecordá price. former hedge funn manager raj ra-ja-rat-nam ggtting hit with a 93 million dollar fine for insider trading. he was recently sentenced to eleven years in prison in one of the biggest insider trading cases ever.. that's buuiness. i'm lori rottman. coming up... a little boy gets a huge surprise while giving a school returning from war... thatt made him do a double takee take. 3 3
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